Steve Lough

Steve Lough was born and raised in Camden, SC. His mom and dad both worked at the DuPont plant. His mom was six months pregnant with Steve when her husband, Steve’s dad, died of a heart attack. Steve’s mom was left to raise her three boys on her own. One became a doctor, one a lawyer, and then there was Steve.

Steve graduated from Camden High School and played football, soccer and wrestled. He played one year of football at Dartmouth College and graduated with a degree in Anthropology. Financial Aid and work-study jobs allowed Steve to realize the dream of a college education without being saddled with a huge debt.

From there, Steve went to Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College and was offered a contract as a clown with the circus. He has been a professional clown for 30 years. Living on the train, touring America by rail, and working with performers, both human and animal, from all different parts of the world was the best education of all! When you sweat beside a person and laugh with them, wherever they are from, whatever the color of their skin, whatever God they worship, you learn to love all of humanity. Those values, love, mutual respect, and a common goal of working together to put on The Greatest Show On Earth, are what Steve hopes to bring to the Congress of the greatest country on earth!

The last 10 years, Steve has been performing 45 minute long Anti-Bullying elementary school shows, sponsored by McDonalds, in public schools in NC, from Chapel Hill to Ocracoke. He was performing at a school on Camp LeJeune when the Sandy Hook shooting took place. The horror of that day motivated Steve to consider a run for public office.

After volunteering for the Obama campaigns of ’08 and ’12, Steve was deeply moved and inspired by Bernie Sanders to fight for Single Payer Healthcare. Bernie calls it Medicare For All, some say Universal Health Care. Steve believes that healthcare is a basic human right for all Americans, rich, poor, any color, any creed. Every other major industrialized country on earth has Single Payer Healthcare. It is the only proven way, with real lives and real dollars, to lower costs for all of our citizens. Another benefit of Single Payer Healthcare is Universal Voter Registration. You are automatically registered to vote when you are enrolled in Single Payer Healthcare.

Steve also believes that voting is an “unalienable right” in any Democracy.