On The Issues



Each pregnancy is unique. Only the woman and her doctor have any business making such an important decision. Trust women. They generally know what they are doing.


Corporations that have trillions stashed overseas weaken America. They should repatriate that money and pay taxes so they do not freeload on the backs of local taxpayers.

Campaign Finance

Public financing of all campaigns.


I do not support capital punishment. Non-violent drug offenders deserve counseling and treatment. No private prisons. No profit motive for punishment. Only violent offenders need to be in prison. Non-violent offenders should be offered the opportunity to turn their lives around through an infrastructure jobs program.


I support a federal jobs program any time the economy slows down. We need an infrastructure overhaul in the 5th District, but also in many areas of America. Cell and high speed internet service should be available wherever electricity is available. I support raising the top tax rate to 40 – 45%. If a company sends its factories overseas, its corporate headquarters should follow.


I believe a good, basic public education is a fundamental right of every child in America. It should be funded as seriously as the Department of Defense is funded. Every child in America should be properly fed, educated, and get proper medical care, at government expense if necessary, as a fundamental right of citizenship. The salary of a public school teacher should be enough to buy an adequate house within 10 miles of the school where that teacher teaches. We should possibly consider “teacher apartment buildings” to house single teachers, with an inexpensive rent, so teachers can save for a downpayment on a house. They do this in Japan. It works. Teachers should not be carrying guns. They are teachers, not armed guards. We as a society need to seriously examine and reinforce our commitment to public education. Arts, music, and physical education need to be fully funded. Alternative or vocational education should be adequately funded as well. Every child has a unique talent and that talent should be nurtured for the good of our country.


I support strict regulations for fracking. The executives of fracking companies should have to live near fracking sites. We need to develop a plan to transition to as much solar, wind, and geothermal, and other renewable energy as possible. This is a national security issue.


Every American citizen deserves clean air and water. We are only on this earth for a brief time. Future generations deserve clean air and water. We learned that in Boy Scouts. Leave the campsite better than you found it. The EPA should have the power to protect future generations from today’s corporate abuse.


Assault weapons have no place in civilian hands. I support an assault weapons ban, but, if that is not possible, then every semi-automatic pistol and rifle should have a title, liability insurance, and licensing requirements so that in the case of a mass shooting, the insurance company attached to that specific gun should be forced to pay all damages to the community where the mass shooting happened. One gun purchase per month to stop trafficking. No clear background check, no gun sale. Proper funding to make the background check system efficient, speedy, and thorough, including mental health issues. No private sales. No gun shows. Police should have a blue book, like we have for cars, so gun owners can turn in their weapons and get a reasonable market value payment for that weapon. That is responsible gun ownership.

Health Care

I support a manageable transition to a Single Payer Healthcare system. Every other country in the modern industrialized world has Single Payer Healthcare. It is the only proven way to reduce costs for treatment and prescription drugs and cover every single American citizen. Healthcare is a basic human right.


DACA kids should be naturalized citizens. Employers who knowingly violate the immigration laws should be sent to jail. There should be a guest worker program for employers who cannot find American workers for their jobs.

Living Wage

Steve believes that a Living Wage, a minimum wage of $15/hr., is a basic human right.


If your particular church does not marry same sex couples, that is your right. However, the US Government recognizes that all the rights and benefits associated with marriage apply to all legally married couples, and that includes same sex couples. The Supreme Court of the United States is clear on this issue. If your business is open to the public, then you must serve legally married couples.

National Security

The Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria wars have not proven beneficial to the United States as a whole. We should learn from these mistakes and spend more on domestic affairs, gun violence, and healthcare, and less on military hardware. We should alter the defense budget to put America on a path towards paying down the national debt in a responsible manner.

Social Security

Social Security is non-negotiable. No cuts to benefits. The cap on income that can be taxed for Social Security should be adjusted to insure the life of the program for future generations.